Have you always wanted to play the Draw Something game on the internet? Then welcome to the real Draw Something Online portal, where you will actually be able to play the game the way you’ve also played it on your iPhone, iPad or any other Android device.

What sets this Draw Something Online website apart from the rest? Assuming you already know what Draw Something is, I will save you a paragraph or two by not going into that. The website distinguishes itself from other Draw Something related sites by actually allowing users to play the game online rather than just writing about the game. On this website you will be able to play the game against other people that are drawing online and if you really are addicted to the game, you probably will make a few friends on this site along the way. Below you’ll read how you can simply use this site.


As mentioned before, the way the site works is that it allows virtually anyone from around the world to play the Draw Something game on the internet. Once you have reached the home page of the website, you can follow the easy steps outlined for you below:

1. Hit the “Play Now” button in the middle of the screen

2. The game will start connecting and show you all available networks

3. Click to join a network if you want to start drawing in that network

4. Once you are in a network, you can start guessing drawings and draw the word you are given when it’s your turn to draw

When you are on the home page, from the game menu, you will see the available matches to your right as well. You can click to join any match that’s currently being played by several other people online. If you initially don’t see the matches, click on refresh to see all available matches appear.

When playing the Draw Something Online  version you, just like on the mobile version, are given points when you have given the correct answer to the (mysterious) drawing. The way the point system works is outlined below:

1. 3 points is awarded to the 1st player to guess the word

2. If you are the drawer, you will get 2 points for a correct answer

3. Last, but not least, when someone guesses correctly, the time starts ticking and all the other players have 5 extra seconds to guess the word as well. Do this, and you will have earned yourself 1 point

Play the game online, guess as many words as you can and win the match to move on to other matches from the network. Of course you can always leave a match and join another available match from within the game.

The most exciting thing about the online version is that it’s a real network. This means that when you join a match you will see all the words that someone else is guessing, that makes it fun to see what others are guessing and you can change your guess based on that as well. Since the network and the game itself is in real-time, you can chat with other people as you make your guesses.

As mentioned before, anyone can play the Draw Something game free of charge. There is also the option to register yourself as a member of the game which will allow you to set your own nickname and avatar to display for when you are playing the game. The game has a lot to offer to its online users. There is the shop, the option to get extra coins for power-ups and much more. Feel free to explore the interface of the game and hit that play button to start playing the real Draw Something game for free.

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