Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Are you wondering what type of information is collected on this website? Please read the Privacy Policy on this page for a full explanation.

Draw Something Online recognizes that privacy on the internet is very important. The Privacy Policy on this page is applicable to all features and tools offered to you by this website.


Unless it is specifically stated otherwise, none of the information about any visitor to this site is neither shared, sold or auctioned to any organization (including third-party) without asking and obtaining your written consent to do so first.

What type of information is collected?

In order for our website to provide you the best user experience temporary cookies may be used. What is a cookie? A cookie can be described as a very small piece of data, used by 99% of all websites, that is sent to your browser when surfing the web. The use of cookies does NOT allow the discovery of any personal information of a user. A cookie will only remain on your browser until the time you have closed your browser. Your user experience is enhanced the next time you visit our website because some of your preferences detected by the cookie will now automatically be in place for you. Additionally, all browsers have the option to send you a notification of a cookie. That way you can decide whether or not to accept any cookies.


Should you have any questions after reading the Privacy Policy please feel free to contact us by filling out the contact form on our Contact Us page.